Balance, the key to moving forward? – Mantra Vibes

So as you might be aware by now, I’m on the road to discovering myself and sometimes this has it’s ups and downs…

But recently, the best way to keep moving (no matter how slowly that might be) forwards is balance. Balance for me is they key at the moment, whether that is personally, emotionally, financially, anything.

Balance is key.

To represent this, especially for me emotionally, I stumbled across the brand Mantra Vibes. This is in NO WAY sponsored, it just happens to be a brand I instantly fell in love with.


They do the most beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry, so when I found a discount code for 80% off, yes, you heard me 80% off I couldn’t resist!! To tie in with y current ‘mantra’ I purchased this beautiful ‘Balance’ pendant:



HOW CUTE? This honestly is going to be something I never take off, it’s so delicate and not in your face. I’ve worn it the day I got it and had so many questions on it already! Every item in their collections has an individual meaning with it. There are so many more I want to purchase because they are so fitting to my life.

I really do love the brand and what they stand for:

As the world is awakening and mass consciousness is manifesting into a positive direction, we’ve immersed ourselves into creating jewelry to assist you on your personal growth.

I just love love love this!

If you want to check them out more, there website is:

I hope you liked this post, something a little different from me!
Until next time,
– Bobby


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