Finding light during the darker times

This will just be a quick post from me tonight. As I think many of you would agree, sometimes your thoughts just run away with you and you need somewhere to express them.

I know my previous blog post was about how I’m on a roll with the positivity in life and how that impacted me. But I always wanted to share, that whilst this is the case in many aspects of my life, sometimes you just don’t feel all that great and the last thing you want to hear is ‘Just be positive’ or ‘It’ll get better’. Because sometimes, you want to be alone and feel sorry for yourself, and that is OK, something I have found very hard to accept.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, life sometimes suck, you are played the worst cards and you just don’t know how to deal with them all. For the majority, you may feel OK and feel like a positive outlook can get you through them, but sometimes you don’t feel like it will.

When I experience this, the ‘darker’ times in my life, I hold onto the dearest memories I have, the people who have come into my life and also left. Everyone who enters your life in some way or another leaves their footprints on your mind, these are memories you should cherish and hold very close. These get me through the harder and darker times.

The best thing I find is to always have a constant reminder of these in some way. When I moved out of the family home last year, I found it tough initially to deal with the level of independence that came with living away from the place you grew up. I decided that I would make a collage of all my favourite memories on my wall. My gosh how this has helped me through some tough times.

Photography has so many healing and therapeutic benefits to it, whether you go take the photos or you look back over them. Here are a few ways I find that photographs help me:

  • Experiencing a “flow” state, this helps you to focus externally — rather than getting caught up in the thoughts racing through your mind
  • You gain a control in taking photos, the outcome is solely in your hands
  • Motivates you to get out and experience more things to create more memories
  • It reminds you of the beauty in the world and in those you love
  • It provides a shift in perspective, you can literally feel yourself back in the instance the photo was taken and this in itself is so therapeutic for me

This is how I hold on through the harder times in my life. I remember the good times and how these outweigh the bad. I hope this something that whoever reads this finds helpful. My goal is to expand my collage on my wall but also to start a scrapbook.

Remember, life does get better, the darker times fade to lighter, you just have to stick on in there, be kind to yourself and know your own self-worth.
Until next time,
– Bobby


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