Dear Diary – Positive Mental Attitude!

Dear Diary,

I know I have been so infrequent with posting on my blog lately, but I have been so busy with life. Sometimes life just catches up with you and you find yourself two weeks later thinking, where did the time go?!

Life is busy, busy, busy at the moment, it’s the last few weeks of your Undergraduate Degree and among this you have been poorly for the past six weeks now, all along trying to keep up with a part time job and having some sort of a social life. But, this past week has been a ‘turning corner’ so to speak. You have really done yourself proud this week, even if no-one else thinks so, you know how much you have overcome.

Yes, sometimes it is difficult to see the positive in situations when all you are faced with is negativity, negative people and negative circumstances. But by removing the negative people, trying to resolve the negative circumstances can do so much for the mind, body and soul. Whilst there will never not be anything negative in life, sometimes you just have to play the cards you are dealt with. You have to learn different ways to deal with what you are given. It is the hardest part of life sometimes, trying to see positive when all you want to do is see negative because that’s easier.

NO BOBBY. This goes for yourself and everyone else. Just because it is easier, doesn’t mean it is the best.

Positivity will always outweigh negativity.

So you might look back on this and think, why was this week different from the ones previous? What did you do that made it so much better for you?

You let go of it. That is something that I want you to remember and always tell yourself. Let it go. Not the song… don’t let that get stuck in your head now, concentrate Bobby! Letting go is so much more than forgetting, it’s not forgetting, it’s learning to deal with it and move it to the side, so your path in life is clear for the positive. You know this is hard to do, but the more you tell yourself, life will get better and life will get easier, it does. You have the results of this!

My biggest tip to letting go and moving onto positivity is breaking life down into small manageable chunks. This sounds weird I know. But tackle everything one thing at a time, take baby steps, after all you can’t run before you learn to walk. Start with the small things, everyday things, then move onto the bigger picture. Now when you do this, expect to have set-backs, that is just the way life goes sometimes, but don’t let set-backs push you back completely, it isn’t about that. Constantly push to move forwards and progress, positive mental attitude can do wonders.

Once you start to see the small changes, like feeling like you can, you will then be on that road to a more positive place, mindset and general outlook on life.

The past few months have been harder than you care to admit, you know that. But that isn’t what is important now, you got through it, you did it. But do not dwell on the past, it’s what you did with your past that counts. Learn from it, grow into the person you know you can be. Positive, positive, positive.

Surround yourself with loved ones, friends, happiness and do not let the stress consume you. This was a big lesson to learn and one of the hardest. But when you let stress consume you, it makes life one big muddy field and getting through it sucks and at the end all you have is muddy boots and clothes. So let go of the stress, the mud and you can run through the field. RUN GIRL RUN!!!

Just keep going, you know you can, you’ve got through the worst. Don’t let the boots get muddy…
Until next time,
– Bobby


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