Dear Diary – Do I have the time?! 

Dear Diary,

Life is one big stress at the moment. Anyone who has been through university knows the pain and stress levels you are experiencing as a final year student.

I suppose what isn’t helping you is that because you are so stressed, your bodies way of dealing with it is to make you poorly. So poorly that a sick note from the doctor had to be given. But you can’t be hard on yourself for that Bobby. This is your bodies way of telling you that you need to take some you time, listen to yourself, you always say it to others. It’s time you start taking your own advice Bobby.

People keep telling you that it will be fine, you have plenty of time left to complete all the work you need to do. But I know why I’m panicked, my goal coming to University was to graduate with the best possible degree I could, I would of loved a first class degree. But maybe my goal needs to change, I know that I will now graduate with minimum a 2:1 degree, which in itself is amazing. I just have to remember that life hasn’t been the kindest during my time at University, so to graduate with a 2:1 is beyond what I could have hoped.

Time is only one element of the next few weeks Bobby. Yes time is crucial and dealines have to be met, so use the time as wisely as possible, take the next few days to follow doctors orders and rest. But after that is over, work, work, work your little butt off! Hard work pays off, and I want anyone reading this to remember that too, in the end, the people who work and strive the hardest get what they deserve.

Good fortune is earnt, not just given on a plate.

You have to plan your time effectively and use it to your advantage, you may have to suffer in the short term to see the benefits long term. One thing you need to remember is your goal for this summer. To have the best summer yet, to achieve this, work harder now and you can play harder then.

I want anyone reading this who can relate to me, feeling like they don’t have enough time to complete everything they want to do…
Take a breath.
Now carry on remembering, sometimes time is our worst enemy, but sometimes, we need that to drive us and keep us motivated. If time isn’t on your side, like unfortunately it isn’t on mine at the moment, work hard to beat it. Instead of spending the time worrying and stressing yourself out that you don’t have time, why waste the little you have. Reduce the stress, reduce the time wasted.

For me I have found the best way to reduce stress is to not rise to it. For example, I find being unwell very stressful and in turn, that is a vicious cycle. So today, I have decided, DON’T STRESS. I will be better when my body wants me to be better, there is no time on that so I have to deal with the cards given to me.

Take each day as a new day, turn the stress into motivation, then see the negativity turn to positivity. Life is hard, if it was easy, everyone would have achieved all of their dreams and goals.


Keep fighting, because in the end, the people who fight the hardest reep the most rewards.
Until next time,
– Bobby



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