Dear Diary – Time for a change…

The next installment of my dear Diary series: As I have talk about in previous blog posts, sometimes, the world catches up with us and it all gets a bit too much. For me, as a final year University student, life is hectic, stressful and down right mad! I’ve felt lost along the way so I decided it was time for a change…

As you have seen from my pictures, I have long hair…

I’ve had long hair for years now. For me it was a comfort thing, I felt more confident with longer hair, I felt protected from the outside world and anything outside my comfort zone. But, I decided enough was enough, something had to change and luckily I am blessed with quick growing hair which is healthy, so I decided, CHOP IT! Here is my hair now…

I had nearly 7 inches cut off… I am in love! Many people say new hair, new me, I know what they mean. I feel lighter, freer and just all round a bit better. I have struggled for years with self-confidence and being OK with who I am. So I am hoping with a little bit of new found confidence, I can begin to get to where I want to be.

No-one is ever going to be 100% OK with who they are, what they look like, but if we can work on ourselves everyday, then we can get as close to that 100% that we want. I hope that I can do this, some days I know it is harder said than done, but, break it down into small achievable goals and it is much easier. For me, this make it look more achievable, I feel less daunted and threatened by the future and the unknown.

Taking a big picture and breaking it down into small puzzle pieces is the only analogy that seems fitting. You have to tackle one piece at a time.

Self love is important in life, but, it is hard to achieve. I just want to remind everyone that you are beautiful the way you are, but if you want more, than GO FOR IT. Do not let anyone determine your happiness, past, present or future. Take it day by day, take it step by step. Learn to love yourself and with that will come the confidence and happiness everyone desires. You can do it, everyone has a level of power, take that power and turn it into self-power. Make it work for you, make it drive you to achieve the self-love everyone deserves.

I’m not saying it will be easy, I struggle to do this, but, just know that starting the journey is the hardest part. There will be ups and downs, but self-love for me is more important than loving others or having others love you. You can’t fully express yourself until you know who you are and you are content with it. This journey is made easier supported by friends, family, anyone who can help, and just know, one day, you will be at ease with it, you will know who you are and it will be OK.

So for now, take one piece of the puzzle, lay it out before you and find the second piece to go along side it. A puzzle takes time to complete, so the journey is just beginning, but my goodness, what a journey it will be.

Until next time, be kind to yourself, learn to love yourself,
– Bobby


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