When will I be OK?

When will I be OK? A question I am sure a lot of people have asked themselves, whether that is in the past, present or for future you. It is a load question in itself, it is a strong question which can make people uneasy. It is a question I have asked myself a lot across the past few weeks.

Everyone at some point will reach a stage in their life where they are confused, upset, scared or worried. It is completely normal to feel like this, whether it is something which has triggered it, a growing sense or just a random occasion. What the hard part is, stopping the inner turmoil from carrying your thoughts away from you. This is something I struggle with a lot at the moment, I am the kind of person who lets my thoughts consume the situation and sometimes I struggle to remove myself from it, look at the bigger picture and think rationally.

I suppose this blog post is to kind of help me and to help others in the sense that you are not alone in feeling like this. It is OK to not know why you feel the way you do and not know when you will be OK. Sometimes, you have to walk the hardest path to find the best answers, and as I found out, sometimes we never will get answers. Answers are what we crave as humans in live, why? When? What? Who? We ask ourselves questions constantly and if you find that it is something triggering not feeling OK, you want to know why, that why can be to numerous things, to numerous people or yourself. And, the majority of the time, we will never know. This is the hardest part for me. Growing and learning to accept that sometimes, we just will never know why.

You could say this is almost as difficult in what ever you are going through, it is a tough process to wrap your head around, something I am yet to do. What we have to do through these tough times is hold our head as high as we can that day, smile, and carry on. Because, ultimately, one day, we will be OK. Only time knows the answer and there we have it, another answer we want and cannot get. You will never know how long it will take to feel OK, you just have to go through the peaks and the troughs.

What I want to say is that you won’t know when you will be OK again, but that is the same for everyone. Nobody can be certain, but you have to keep pushing through to prove to yourself you can do it. No-one else can do it for you, yes, they can be a support along the way to hold you up when you feel low, but you have to push through at the toughest moments, challenge the negativity and let the positive vibes take over.

The best way I can explain what I mean is, it’s like having a back-pack on and everything that is causing the worry, pain, upset in your life is jumbled up inside the main part. What we have to learn to do, is one by one, deal with the problems and take them out the backpack, zip them into the side compartments and carry on knowing they are there, but you have dealt with them.

I love this analogy as it is something I can picture in my head and as I go through tough times, I visualize taking these boxes of pain and distress and folding them flat, then storing them in the side. Yes, this is difficult to understand and wont work for some people but I find this for me is so useful. What we have to do is be there for people in need, be strong when they are not, support them when they need supporting and be a shoulder to cry on. We can get through this together, time will tell, it will be tough, but we can do it.

Just know you are never alone in it,
Until next time,
– Bobby


18 thoughts on “When will I be OK?

  1. Great post, truly enjoyed reading this. You are so right! As humans we are always looking for answers to questions that may not be ready to be answered yet we stress ourselves out on trying to find either the who, what, when, why or how. I can relate to this as I am constantly pressuring myself on why I have not lived up to the expectations I had set for myself years back or why I can’t seem to stick to completing goals I try setting for myself. It is tough and thinking of how to answer these questions are harder.

    I really appreciate the example you have referenced with the backpack =) reading it does put things back into perspective as ideally that is what we have to do. Life/time does not stop for anyone’s problems we can either waste time or make the best out of it to try and benefit

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  2. I have to say, in reading your blog every few days I am constantly blown away by your realism and positivity. This post is something my younger self needed to read every day but I’m definitely glad I read it now, such a great reminder. Thanks. x

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