Face of the day!

As requested by a few people about the makeup look I was wearing in yesterday’s post, I decided to do a post about what products I used to achieve this look:


These are the products I used:


Starting with the base:


I start after moistursing with Benefit POREfessional Primer, this for me is great as I have larger pores and oily skin, this is hands down one of the only primers that actually works for me. I followed this with something I haven’t been using for a while, it’s Benefit Big Easy BB Cream. For me this duo in particular are great, I use this BB cream when I am having a good run with my skin, which is something I have always struggled with. I find this has a little more coverage than other BB creams and it lasts well through out the day. This is also my go-to when I am on holiday, it sits well on my skin the heat and doesn’t go clumpy or patchy like a foundation would.

I follow this with Collection lasting Perfection Concealer, again a staple in my makeup routine, no matter what look I want to achieve. It is hands down the best concealer I own, I use it daily and it’s staying power and coverage are faultless! I work this and the BB cream in with a damp beauty blender for a lighter coverage. I then bake under my eyes, nose, chin, forehead and under my cheekbones with any loose powder, today I used Revolution Banana Powder. I won’t talk about this, I did a review here First Impression: Revolution Luxury Banana Powder.

I then move onto my eyebrows:

Now my brow routine at the moment is similar to how I mentioned in my other post Everyday Makeup Routine, however. I found in my makeup collection my Benefit Gimme Brow Gel, I have had this a long time as they have updated the packaging since I last bought a new one, I probably should buy a new one… This for me is a better colour to set my eyebrows with as I struggle with my natural eyebrow hair colour being SOO dark compared to my hair. I have to be careful filing in my brows as if I followed my natural eyebrow colour my brows would nearly look black. But, if I go too light, my brows look weird as the hair is so dark underneath. I have to find that happy medium and this is it, it’s number 2 shade, works wonders for me!

I then move onto my eyes:

To be honest, I mix up my eye shadow so much, I try and not stick to them same look, but this look I just really like and I find it so easy to achieve. I started with priming my eye-lids with MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study:

I use this all over my eye-lids, this shade is a soft-beige with gold pearl flexs, it works great for a base if you are using a similar shade over the top. I make my eye-shadow last all day. I have used this on other people and there eye-shadow has started to crease towards the end of the day, but it depends how oily your eye-lids are. I then use the:

Naked Smoky Palette, I did a review of this palette in my post on My Urban Decay Palettes. However, to achieve this eye look I start with the shade High all over the lid, I then use Whiskey (very lightly) in the crease as a transition colour blending with a fluffy brush, then on the outer corner-to the middle of my eye I use Radar, I blend again, then use Smolder (and a touch of Black market) on the very outer part of my eye. Underneath my eye I blend a mix of Whiskey and Radar to smoke out the bottom lash line.

As you can see, it looks like I have winged liner on, it actually is just a matte black eye-shadow winged out, I sometimes think an eye liner looks too harsh, I wanted a very smoked out look, so I applied Black Jack from the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette onto the lash line and the wing (any matte black eye-shadow will work). I then lightly blend it out so it is not a harsh line.

I then move back to the face and finish it with:

I lightly (well not too lightly) bronze the face with Benefit Hoola Bronzer, my trusted and well used warm-matte bronzer. Not much to say other than I would recommend it for nearly everyone! I then used a sample of the blush The Balm INSTAIN Long-Wear Staining Blush in Swiss Dot, it isn’t lying when it says long wearing or staining, you have to be careful when apply this otherwise it is BAM, blush, you look like a clown… if this happens it is so difficult to blend it out. So a light hand is a must for this blush. I love it as for me it is the perfect everyday shade, not pink, but a peachy colour. I then follow it up with Lottie London Highlighter, I used the lightest shade in the palette and with a large fan brush dusted this over my cheekbones and cupids bow.

I then finish my eyes:


My go to mascara at the moment is Benefit Roller Lash, I love this mascara so much. The wand is slightly covered so it hugs your lashes and coats them evenly. It keeps the curl all day for me, I do naturally have curled lashes so I don’t need to use an eyelash-curler either. It is very black too, which for me is a must in mascara. I have found some days that it can smudge slightly onto the tops of my eyes or underneath, usually if it’s been raining, but it isn’t waterproof so I don’t judge it on that.

I complete the look with finishing my lips:


I used a new lip product for me, Lottie London Slay All Day Lip Kit in #TBT, now I won’t rave again about this, but just know I LOVE THIS. Check out my blog post First Impression: Lottie London to find out all about this product!

The finished look:
That’s it! That is all the products I used to achieve this look, for me I would happily wear this out on an everyday basis, but I know that will seem a lot for other people. I hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you like this kind of post and I will try and do some more. Also, let me know if you have tried any of these products, or you know of any good dupes!
Until next time,
– Bobby

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