My Urban Decay Palettes


As anyone in the blogging world who loves makeup will know, Urban Decay do some cracking palettes! I think most people will know what the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are especially. I have been collecting their makeup palettes for a number of years now. I have 8 all together now and I want more hahah!
First up we have the only trio palette I have:

I bought the Naked Flushed palette a while ago now and to be honest, I’m not sold on it still. I find this palette isn’t one I grab for many times. I find the only part I will use is the highlighter, but even then, I have better ones! I hate to not like an Urban Decay product because I love love love the brand, just for me, this is a let down.

As you can see the pay off is pretty pants! Even the highlighter isn’t as great as it looks like it would be in the pan. They are however really easy to blend, I suppose if you want something really really subtle then this is ok. But for the money I don’t see how it is worth it. The bronzer has hints of gold glitter which for me I’m not a fan of, the highlight is ok and the blush is just either too much or too little, I find it difficult to work with effectively. I also believe the shade I have is Naked and this is priced at £25.o0.

Now that I have my little rant out of the way, we can get onto the good stuff!
I love the Naked range in general, I will start here for my raving reviews…

Now. Here. Is. The. GOOD. STUFF.
I cannot say enough how much I love these three palettes. I have Naked, Naked 3 and Naked Smoky, each of these palettes are priced at £39.50. Lets start with:



This palette was the first Urban Decay one I purchased and I still love it. For me, this palette has a perfect mix of colours, from your neutral tones, to shimmers, to gold, to silvers, it has a bit of everything and you can achieve so many looks with it! The only thing I would say that lets it down is there are only 2 matte shades, Naked and Buck, although they both are amazing, I feel one more would have made it that extra bit better. If you want a good starter palette with shadows you can play around with, I recommend this the most.

My three favourite shades from this palette are: Half Baked, Darkhorse and Hustle

Naked 3:


Now, this palette is too beautiful, but… this will NOT suit everyone. I find if you have a neutral skin tone or a pinker skin tone, this works lovely, but, on yellow under-toned skin, this can look a bit odd I think. The majority of these shades have a pink undertone to them, so you have to be careful when using these with other colours, i.e. be very careful with your blush colour, you could end up having too much pink on your face! Out of the three of these Naked Palettes, I find this one has the most fall out. Nothing that can’t be sorted with a fan brush or dry beauty blender. I normally use this palette when I don’t want an intense look, it can create some stunning everyday looks!

My three favourite shades from this palette are: Dust, Trick and Mugshot

Naked Smoky:


The final Naked palette I own is the Naked Smoky. Now, I was very hesitant in purchasing this one as I wasn’t sure it was worth it, but, I soon changed my mind when I actually did. I love this palette! For me, I find this can create so many looks because it has the best range, it has the very shimmery colours, to the almost satin finish ones to the mattes. It’s got so much versatility. I LOVE this palette for night outs and when I want to feel a bit more glamorous this is my go to palette. Yes, there is a bit of fall out but the colour pay off and longevity of these shadows is amazing. Out of the three Naked ones I own, I couldn’t pick between this one and the original, they both are soooo good.

My three favourite shades from this palette are: High, Armor and Smolder

From left to right, Naked Palette: Half Baked, Darkhorse and Hustle. Naked 3: Dust, Trick and Mugshot. Naked Smoky: High, Armor and Smolder
The next range of palettes I have is the Urban Decay Basics:


Let’s start with:

Naked Basics and Naked Basics 2:


Well, well, well, I think this photo says it all. These palettes are well loved by me. I am reviewing these together as for me, they are both as brilliant as each other. They are PERFECT for everyday, they have one shade on the left hand side which has a slight bit of shimmer and that just enough for a day-time look. All the shades are creamy to the touch and are so pigmented with hardly any fall out! These are definitely a must for any makeup lover!! I would tell you my favourite shades but I think it’s obvious by looking at the pictures… Honestly, I love these so much, I wish they didn’t run out as quick as they do.. I use them a lot hahaha. Also, they are a reasonable price of £24, for me, I don’t mind paying this as they are of such high-quality.

The other palette I have is the Naked Ultimate Basics:


Now, I have mixed feelings towards this palette and I feel like it deserves it’s own blog post entirely. What I will say is… if you want a matte eye-shadow palette for everyday use, GET THIS, it is perfect for that. However, I very much have a love-hate relationship with this palette, we either get on… or not at all! I’ll explain in a later blog in more detail, but for now, my three favourite shades are: Instinct, Extra Bitter and Lockout


The final palette in my collection is Electric:

HOW PRETTY?! This by far is the most adventurous palette I own, definitely not something I reach for on an everyday purpose, but… when I do, I LOVE IT! I find these colours all so blend-able and are so good to work with, so they are easy to wear if you want everyday. I find the purple and pink lovely blended into a smokey eye for something different. I also love the teal shade on my water line, it makes brown eyes POP. As for the rest, I haven’t really experimented with them, I need to be more adventurous. These are the four shades I LOVE and use the most:

From the bottom up the shades are: Revolt, Fringe, Jilted and Urban

As you can see, these are stunning. These swatches are from one, yes one touch of the product. The pay off is insane and the pigmentation is so incredible.I can’t explain the beauty of these shades, I would wear all of them at once if I could. If you want to buy something completely different for your collection, I would totally recommend this palette, it honestly is a dreammm. The price of this palette is £38, reasonable for such amazing quality eye-shadows, if you are looking for a payday treat, do it!

So there you have it, that are all the Urban Decay Palettes I own, yes there are 8 of them. I have mixed feelings about a few, but on the whole, they are stunning palettes. I love the brand and their eye-shadows are stunning, so blend-able, so pigmented and creamy to the touch. If I could have all of these palettes I would. Let me know what guys you think, which do you have? What are your opinions on the palettes? Do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments.
Until next time,
– Bobby



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