Oh my goodness. I’m not quite sure what to say, I hit 100 followers today. I started my blog 10 days ago so this is a little crazy, thank you to everyone who has followed me, you are all amazing!

Starting this blog for me wasn’t about gaining loads of followers or views, it was about doing something positive in my life and something I enjoy. Too many people sit around wanting to do things with their lives and don’t do it, I didn’t want to be another one, I decided I would try and post as often as I could about anything Β wanted to. I never expected it to go how it has, everyone has been so lovely in their responses to my blog, you are all beautiful humans!

From here I just want to continue creating content that I enjoy and like, for me, it’s the start of a personal journey, to overcome things in my life, to become the best me I can. I’m a little overwhelmed that people want to follow my journey and my posts, to me I am just another blog, another page, it means so much to anyone who clicks that follow button!

Thank you to you all, I really hope you have enjoyed to content I have posted so far, it’s only the beginning, there is so much more I want to talk about, places I want to explore and things I want to do. I’m honestly so shocked by this, it is a little crazy don’t you think?!

Thank you all again, I know I keep saying that, but you really are all amazing!
Until next time,
– Bobby

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