Is there a right way to live your life?

So often we hear, ‘you are doing it the wrong way’, ‘you should be doing this’, ‘you should be doing that’, but what about our opinions, what about how we want to do things and live our lives? Is there are right way to do it, or are we all on our own voyage of discovery?


For me, the question of ‘Is there a right way to live your life’ is a big question. It is one I am still very unsure of. What constitutes to being right? Is there even such a word as ‘right’ anymore? I see so many people telling others and me how we should be living our lives, that we are doing it wrong. Nowadays it seems sometimes that your life is planned from so early one, you go to school, you get your GCSE’s, you move onto A-Levels, you get a part-time job, you go to University, then you go into the world of working full-time. But what happens if that isn’t for you, what happens if you don’t want to do that?

More and more people are breaking this social constructed ‘stereotype’ of living the perfect childhood and early adult life, many people now take gap years, re-start university, go travelling etc. Who are we to say that this is wrong? So what if someone doesn’t stick to the path you know, it’s their path, you don’t walk in their shoes. For me personally, I didn’t follow this conventional path, I left my first University after one semester, worked for the rest of the year and started again at a different University and course the following year. So many people didn’t understand why, they thought I was just giving up, my response was always, ‘why not?’ This is something I feel so strongly about now, people are so quick to jump and ask the question of ‘why’ when in reality the question should be why not?!

Nobody can tell you how to live you life, yes, they can give they can offer their guidance and opinions from their own personal experience, but at the end of it all, it is the most personal thing. There is of course no right way to live your life. You have to learn in your own way, be that from your mistakes or your successes, you have to learn what is the best way for you. Whether this the right way or the wrong way for others, it is your choice, you have your own head, your own life, it is your choice.

No matter your views on  how to live life ‘the right way,’ what is unanimously, objectively true is that there is a big challenge to see clearly when you don’t feel good in yourself. The key to ‘living right’ I suppose is feeling right. In my opinion, the best way to ensure a balanced, healthy lifestyle is with wellness, starting with yourself.

So what is wellness?

Wellness is defined as:

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth.

To start actively applying wellness into your life, there are many different areas you can target, when you apply it to one area, you become aware of other areas. These all ultimatly contribute to our overall wellness and our ability to live the ‘right’ life.

Physical wellness:

  • Consume foods and beverages that enhance good health rather than those minimize it.
  • Be physically fit than out of shape.

Social wellness:

  • Contribute to your community, do not think of just yourself.

Occupational wellness:

  • Choose a career that is to do with your personal values, interests not that of someone else’s.
  • It is better to develop your functional, transferable skills through structured involvement opportunities rather than stay uninvolved in life.

Intellectual wellness:

  • Challenge your mind, be creative, become satisfied.
  • Identify potential problems in your life and choose appropriate courses of action based on available information to change them. Why wait and be worried?

Emotional wellness:

  • It is better to be aware of and accept our feelings than to deny them and not work with them.
  • It is better to be optimistic in our approach to life than pessimistic, for more on this, you can refer to my blog post: Positive thinking.
Does this make our lives ‘right?’:

In the end, to live your life right is however you decided to live your life. As long as this is the best way for you personally, it can help make you see who you are, you think you are living your life the ‘happiest’ way you can, then who is anyone to tell you that you are living it wrong? Being right isn’t necessarily being consistent with the rest of the world, after all, people tell us to thrive on our individuality, then have the cheek to tell us that we are living our lives wrong? Contradiction much?! You do whatever you want to. As long as it doesn’t affect others negatively, which I hold a big opinion on (I’ll talk about that in another blog post about selfish behaviour and selflessness), you can live whatever way is ‘right’ for you. GO FOR IT! Don’t waste the time you have wondering, go find out if it is what you want, live your life to the fullest you can, before you start to regret the choices you make.

Until next time,
– Bobby

4 thoughts on “Is there a right way to live your life?

  1. I love this! So many times I’ve been told that I’m not living my life right, that I need to have a certain job and do a certain thing. I’m not living my life for others. I’m here for me. Good for you if you’ve finished school, gone to college, university and now have a full time job. If that makes you happy, great. But that doesn’t mean I have to be doing the same thing. It’s about time we start living our lives OUR WAY. We create our own stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a great write up
    I have been going through thoughts like this
    I’ve been too busy living for others
    It makes us scared of taking our own paths because we fear to make mistakes which are part of life by the way
    Your post is awesome
    Thanks for the encouragement


    Liked by 1 person

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