First Impression: Lottie London 

I am always on the look out for new brands to try, so, whilst in my local Superdrug I stumbled across the brand Lottie London. I have heard very little in all honesty about the brand and I believe it is relatively new. There was a lot of selection, so I went with two lip kits and a highlighter palette.

First up Shimmer Squad Highlighter Palette:

As I have said in previous posts I am kind of new to the highlighter world. I was browsing the options in this makeup brand and I was instantly drawn to this ‘shimmer squad’. I want more variety in my highlighter options and this was perfect for it! I’m honestly not a massive fan of the packaging, I think it looks OK, not the best, but it feels cheaper, they have used very cheap cardboard.

Also, the mirror in the packaging is a little on the small side. But, this does not give indication to how amazing the product is inside! It is branded as being ‘ultra blendable’ and ‘super soft’, they are sooo right!! The powders themselves are almost creamy in texture, they are a dream to blend into the skin.

Working from left (the bottom) to the right (the top), the shades are The Good Girl, The Flirt, The Troublemaker, The Queen Bee

LOOK AT THEM! How gorgeous are they?! The only shade I find a bit meh to blend is, The Queen Bee, that’s only because the other three are so creamy! I like that this quad has such a selection of coloured highlighters, there is something for every skin-type. For me, the second shade (the darkest one) The Flirt is waaay to dark to use with my skin tone, however, with a tan or on darker skin tones this would look stunning! I have tried ‘The Troublemaker’ out now for a few days, the longevity of these is pretty good, lasting I would say around 6-7 hours (noticeably) on the skin. For the price, which is only £9.95, the palette is incredible. Honestly it is brilliant, if you are looking for a versatile highlighter palette on the cheaper end of the market, this should be a one for your list!

The second thing I could not resist the look of was Slay All Day Lip Kits:

Now. Here is where I found some gems in the makeup world. Everyone and their cats and dogs is familiar with the famous Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, but, they are just so expensive! Look no further… I have found the next best thing. These Lottie London lip kits are unbelievable. I really am struggling to find the right words to try and explain how amazing these are. I have tried one of the lip kits by Kylie Jenner before and in all honesty, I wasn’t blown away, I thought they were too drying for a matte lip and the colour selection for me isn’t great. These however, so much better for my skin tone and preference. I picked up the shades Werk It and #TBT.

Werk It is a dusty berry colour, while #TBT is a vintage berry colour, the kits come with a lip liner and the the cream colour for over the top.

The lip liner is the creamiest lip liner I have ever tried, it glides on so lovely, especially great as a matte lip is drying anyway, so having this underneath helps with it not being too drying. The cream colour is also easy to apply and does not dry excessively quick, this is something I have found with other products that are similar, it gives you enough time to be able to work with the product. They dry to a matte finish and these do not budge, at all. I wore Werk It to work funnily enough, hahaha, and I received so many compliments on my lip colour. This lasted without any fading or cracking for 6 hours. Who knows how long it would have lasted if I had not taken it off. It honestly is incredible.

The bottom shade is Werk It, the top shade is #TBT

As you can see the colours are very true to the colours in the tube/lipliners. For me, Werk It is a more everyday nude I can see myself wearing a lot, where as #TBT is deeper, so I would wear this out on evenings etc. These swatches had been drying for about 30 seconds before I took these photos, so you can see, they are not fully matte yet. I can not recommend these enough, if you aren’t fully convinced, you will be now… they are only £8.95!! Yes, the are a bargain!! If you have always wanted to purchase the Kylie Lip Kits, don’t, try these first for a smaller price, then if you like them, move onto the others. I would say this is possibly even better than Kylie’s Lip Kits anyway, in my opinion.

Through the three products I have tried, I have found a new brand that I have really enjoyed using. I know now that I will find myself swaying back to the Lottie London counter and trying out some more of the products. Let me know if you have tried any and which I should try. Also, let me know what you think about these being dupes for Kylie’s Lip Kits, would you try these before hers?
Until next time,
– Bobby



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