First Impression: Revolution Luxury Banana Powder

Banana powder is something which I have never tried as I was never into the whole ‘baking’ and Kim K look, until recently. I have been playing around with loose powders and came across this in my local Superdrug the other day.I had to pick it up and let you know what I think after using it yesterday.
Revolution claims that this powder will:

‘Warm your skin with our new Makeup Revolution Banana Powder with this mattifying banana powder. With a hint of colour set your foundation and reduce shine whilst correcting redness and pink undertones’

My opinion:

The application of the powder is brilliant. I decided to really test it’s strength by wearing it to work for the first time, as I work in a fast-paced environment sometimes, I can become warm and mixed with an oily T zone I need a good powder. This glided on so smoothly as it is so finely milled. I applied one side with a damp beauty blender under my eye, my nose, my chin and forehead. For experimental sake, I applied it with a brush under the other eye. Both in my opinion worked just as well. Yes, the damp beauty blender side probably wore better but it means the powder is more versatile, it too can be applied with a powder brush. It does not sink into the creases in my face, neither did it accentuate any scaring or imperfections that I have, this is usually a problem I have with powder!


I would say this powder is less of a yellow undertone, boarding a peachy undertone so I can see it working well with most skin tones, I have a neutral tone to my skin and it worked perfectly! It too has amazing staying power, I wore this for 7 hours with not a single touch up, which for me, is unheard of!! Yes I had a little shine peeping through by the 7 hour mark, but nothing that made me say ‘OH GOSH LOOK AT THE OILY MESS ON MY FACE’ which is usually my response to most powders by the 7 hour mark hahah.


As you can see with the swatch, it is so smooth when applied, this is just one swipe, it does blend out to not adding much colour to the skin, just a warmth.

Overall this powder is amazing for me!! And what makes it even better? It’s only £5!! How crazy is that? Revolution have done it again, producing something comparable to higher-end makeup for a fraction of the price.

I would seriously recommend looking into this if you are looking to try a banana powder or just a different loose powder in general. It really does do what it says on the tin. I can see this easily becoming a staple in my makeup kit and collection. Have any of you tried this? Let me know how you got on with it, or if you have any more questions, just ask away.
Until next time,
– Bobby



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