MAC Lipstick Collection


As I have said before, I love makeup and have been  building my collection since I was about 15. MAC has always been a brand I had heard so much about, so I made the decision early on I wanted to have a MAC lipstick collection. I have 10 so far, which I know for some people might seem a lot, but for others not a lot at all, but I’m happy with my selection and I do have my eye on a few more!
I am going to group my lipstick for this post by their ‘finish’, so first off it matte finish:



Working from left to right I have:


Whirl is a dirty rose colour, obiviously a matte finish and is one of my favourites from my collection, I find this sometimes hard to wear on an everyday purpose as I feel it can sometimes drown me out, but I still love it! I talk about it in more detail in my blog post on My 5 must have lipsticks!

Please Me:


Please Me is a muted-rosy-tinted pink. This for me is a ‘my lips but better’ colour. It gives me a little something extra on days I don’t fancy being too adventurous with my lipstick choice. This out of the three matte lipsticks I own from MAC I find is the most drying, but I always make sure to apply a good layer of lip-balm before hand and it usually sits well on my lips. It does wear not as good as some of the others during the day so it will need topping up. It’s still a great shade!

Ruby Woo:


Now, the controversy around this shade is that you are either a Ruby Woo fan, or a Russian Red fan, Ruby Woo is for me the better of the two as it is a blue under toned, very matte vivid red. For me, when I wear red (which isn’t a shade I normally go for) I want it to be RED RED RED and for me this works really well. The last power of this on my lips is insane, however  I will always wear a lip-liner and lip-balm underneath as it is very matte so shows the cracks in your lips very easily. I love this shade, but for some people it isn’t the right undertone, so I would suggest looking into Russian Red if this isn’t for you.

From left to right: Whirl, Please Me, Ruby Woo
The next finish is the finish amplified:
I only have one amplified shade which is Vegas Volt:

This shade is a full on, full power coral. As it is in the finish amplified, it is very creamy so is lovely on the lips and doesn’t feel drying at all. I find this shade works best in the summer time for me as it brings a pop of colour to my makeup without it being too much. In summer I usually stray away from excessive eye shadow so I like to ‘let my lips do talking’ so to speak. It is a great shade for someone who is looking to experiment with colour.

The next finish is glaze:
I again only have one which is Hue:

Hue is a soft pale pink/nude colour and I find this out of all my lipsticks to be the most moisturizing on my lips. It is a really easy nude to wear and the colour is slightly build-able, so you can apply a little with your finger and blend it out for a sheet lip colour or apply directly from the bullet for a most intense nude. It is very versitile and lovely for everyday use, I think this works better for paler skinned people as it is less nude, more pink, so isn’t are harsh as a pure nude shade.

The next finish is frost:
The shade I have in this finish is Bombshell:

Frost is a bright rosy-pink shade with shimmer in a golden colour. This was my first ever MAC lipstick that my twin sister purchased me for my 18th birthday. It kind of has to be one of my favourites as it’s the oldest one I have. It isn’t one I normally reach for, but when I do, I always remember how much I like it! It looks lovely with a nude eye and a light blush to the cheeks. It also works great with a golden eye because of the shimmer to the lipstick. I would recommend this if you are looking to try the frost finish.

The last finish that I have just one of is lustre:
The shade I have is Snapdragon:

This was limited edition shade as it was part of the ‘A Fantasy of Flowers Collection’. It is a lustre finish so is very sheer and does not have the color pay off as it looks like it would from the bullet. It applies almost as a tinted lip-balm. I would say it is a pink/purple/blue colour which for me works well in summer along with Vegas Volt. I use this when I don’t fancy a ‘proper’ lipstick on my lips as in summer I can get fustrated with makeup. In all honesty, I very rarely wear this shade and it isn’t one I would choose first out of my collection, it’s still a great lipstick, but not my favourite.

From left to right: Vegas Volt, Hue, Bombshell, Snapdragon
The last finish I have is satin:



Working from left to right I have:


Brave is a pinky-beige with white pearl added. I would say this is one of my most used as I feel this for me, is the best everyday lipstick colour. I just think it works really well with most eye-shadow looks, no matter how dramatic or not, it just ties everything together. I did again a more in detail review in my blog post My 5 must have lipsticks!

Viva Glam Nicki:


Viva Glam Nicki is a vibrant medium pink with subtle yellow undertones. It was part of a campaign to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS through MAC AIDS Fund’s Viva Glam program, the entire selling price of each lipstick went to MAC AIDS fund. This lipstick is the most opaque one I own, it applies so true to the colour in bullet and it applies evenly and smoothly. It isn’t something I reach for very often, and if I do I usually blend it out with my finger as for me, I find the colour a bit too intense. But, it is an amazing colour and works amazing in the summer.



Another vibant colour, this time a midtonal cream plum shade. In the bullet it looks very deep, but it does apply slightly lighter. It is the best MAC lipstick for staying power as I will put this on and maybe top it up once during the whole day. As it wears off it goes to more of a stain, it can be a pain to remove but it honestly is my go to shade for a night out! I talked about it again a little more in my post My 5 must have lipsticks!


From left to right, Brave, Viva Glam Nicki and Rebel
So there you have it, my 10 MAC lipsticks. There are so many more shades I want to purchase but at £15.50 a time, it is a treat for me to purchase one. Let me know which ones you have out of these and which ones you want to get! I also want some recommendations of shades I MUST try as I know there are so many from MAC which are raved about.

Until next time,
– Bobby


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