Everyday Makeup Routine

For me, makeup is about confidence, it helps me feel more ‘human’ and comfortable. So, on a regular day I will apply makeup, some people will think it is a lot, but for me it’s normal and I have been wearing makeup since the age of 14, so I hope that I have gone through the awkward stage of not knowing what suits my naturally.


So here is my go to everyday make up, for some people this will seem a lot, but for me it’s just a normal routine! I’ll talk you through what I do..

Step One:


First I start off with Simple Kind to Skin Light Moisturiser, as someone with oily/combination skin, I don’t want anything too heavy on my skin. I have found that this works perfectly for me, it keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated without making my face an oily mess! I usually just apply this after cleansing routine in a morning, I let this sink into my skin for a good 10 minutes before applying my primer. I use on an everyday basis the Benefit POREfessional Primer. This is a holy grail item for me that I will religiously purchase again and again. It is oil-free, perfect for my oily skin and it fills in my larger pores, something I have found difficulty in making look smaller, but this primer works wonders. I too usually let this sink in for about 5 minutes before moving onto the next step.

Step Two:


I then apply one and half pumps of Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in Buff (combination/oily) to my skin with a damp beauty blender. I find this is the best way to apply this foundation as it does have a tendency to sink into the skin very fast, so working with a damp beauty blender gives you more time to work with it. I try and use a light coat of foundation because foundation is not meant to conceal, it is meant to just even out the skin tone and this does the job. I would say it is a medium to full coverage with the ability to be build-able if needs be. Then after this has sunk in (usually another five minutes) I will apply my concealer, of course, it is the well raved about and loved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I think it is well known how amazing this concealer is for the tiny price of £4.19!! If you don’t know, this is just as good as any high-end concealer I have tried, nothing beats it. It has amazing coverage and is not cakey at all. There are only four shades, so it is a little limiting, but usually one of the shades will work OK. I apply this under my eyes, straight down my nose, my forehead and on any problem areas I may have that day. These two products together are a dream!

Step Three:


As an oily skinned human, I have found it SO difficult to find a powder which actually keeps my oil at bay for longer than a few hours. This changed my life, literally. Makeup For ever HD Powder is the best, it is so finely milled it applies evenly and smoothly. You don’t need to use a lot and I have found that on average the 8g pot will last me months, coming from someone who used to bake my face in powder so many times a day to try and keep the oil away, this is amazing! I use a dense bristled brush to apply this, patting it into the skin initially then buffing gently after to make sure my skin takes the product well. It is well worth the £22 as it will last you so long, it saved me buying cheaper powders every month!

Step Four:

Now, I think most people have a love hate relationship with their eyebrows and for me, sometimes the don’t feel like the ‘sisters’ they are supposed to be, more like long lost cousins. So these three products are my savior every day! I first brush through them will the spooley on the end of the precisely, my brow Eyebrow Pencil, to remove any product which has built up from previous steps. I then line the bottom of my eyebrow with the pencil, then the top and lightly fill in the rest of my brow with small hair-like strokes. I won’t lie, it does take some getting used to, but once you do, you want to show everyone how amazing your brows look! I then go underneath the brow line with high brow Eyebrow Highlighter to clean the underneath and make it look sharp and give my eye a ‘lifted’ look. It is perfect as it is not too shimmery either, something I don’t like for everyday purpose. I then go over the whole brow with Maybelline BrowDrama Sculpting Mascara. This out of the three is the best, it sets everything in places and my eyebrows are no longer a wild mess, it keeps them set all day. No need to worry about having straying hairs midday, it is also a bargain at £4.99.

Step Five:

I will then bronze my face up a little with the well loved and trusted Benefit hoola matte Bronzer. I think this is given in the makeup blogger world that it is a perfect bronzer for everyday use, it is not orange, it applies smoothly and it is not patchy. It can be built up if you prefer a more intense bronzed look but also works brilliantly for a sun kissed look. I apply this to my forehead, cheekbones, jaw line, sometimes my nose on either side and just slightly under my bottom lip. I will always use this everyday as it just works so well on my skin-tone and everyone else I have ever tried it on!

Step Six:

Next is blush and highlight, I won’t go into too much detail about these as I have mentioned them in a previous post, Revolution Makeup. Take a look for a in detail review. But, for everyday I use the top right hand blush on my cheeks and then the light yellow/silver highlighter on my cheekbones (not everyday, some days I just don’t want to be glowly hahaha!)

Step Seven:

Next I gotta treat those eyelashes to a little TLC. I have found that black mascara for me is a must, and I find it hard to find a BLACK mascara, some just look meh when you put them on. Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Very Black and Benefit roller lash Mascara at the moment are my two most used. In fairness, I mix up my mascaras a lot, I get bored easily. But, I will always go for a smaller mascara wands, I find the bigger wands of mascara harder to use and I get it absolutely everywhere, like I didn’t know it was possible to get mascara on your chin but with a bigger mascara wand, the possibilities are endless with me. These two are slightly curved on one side, which for me is perfect, they both separate, lengthen, curl and add volume to my lashes without them looking clumpy. I would recommend both to anyone who wants to look like they are wearing false lashes without the pain of putting them on.

Step Eight:


Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick. So much choice! I honestly mix it up everyday, but my go to at the moment seems to be Starkers by Illamasqua. I again won’t ramble on, I mentioned this in another post recently, check out My 5 must have lipsticks!

You will notice that I have not mentioned eye-shadow in this. I couldn’t, there is waaaay too many options for everyday and anyone who knows me knows I play with my eye shadow looks more than anything else. I will do a separate post dedicated to my go to eye shadow looks if that is something you want? Just let me know in the comments.

So there you have it! My everyday makeup routine, well, most of it. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if there is anything you want to know more about or if you like these products too. I’m always on the hunt for new products to try, let me know someone recommendations!
Until next time,
– Bobby



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