Revolution Makeup

As an avid makeup collector, I have seen the hype around the Makeup Revolution London brand. It is known for it’s great quality and low costs! I could not resist picking up a few palettes in Superdrug to try it out for myself. Here are the palettes I picked up:
Makeup Revolution Highlighter palette ‘Highlight’:

This palette is great for those who are starting out in the makeup world and are very new to highlighter. Up until recently I never used highlighter on myself, only on others, but I have come to love the look you can create using different toned highlighters. This Highlighter Palette is a bargain at only £8.00, it has just enough glitter and just enough shimmer, you don’t want too much of either otherwise it defeats the object of putting it on in the first place!


The pay off from just a single swipe is incredible! The three shades each have different base colours. My personal favourite is the end shade (on the right) with the yellow and silver tones, it isn’t too much for everyday whereas I think personally the left two hand shades I have swatched (the purple and pink toned ones) are better suited for different skin tones and looks! You do have to be very careful with how much you put onto a brush as the pay off is incredible, the texture is not too chalky so it also blends nicely into the skin. To compare this to other more high end brands for me there is nearly no difference. Incredible highlighters for an incredible price!

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold ‘Ultra Blush Palette’:

Another great starter makeup palette! This Blush Palette is another bargain at only £6.00, yes that is right, eight beautiful shade for as little as that! Whilst I feel some of these shades are definitley not OK to wear on the cheek as blush, take the coppery colour on the bottom row for example, they all work as dual purpose as this shade in particular looks STUNNING on the eyes. It would work especially well on eyes with brown and green flex’s.


These three shades have to be my favourite, the coppery colour I mentioned above is the middle swatched one, how beautiful is that!! Place that in the center of the lid and blend with warm neutral toned browns and you are on to a winner. The shade to the left is the shade in the palette in the top right hand corner, I feel out of this palette this is easiest shade to wear day to day. With dark peach undertones, this blush in perfect for a natural flushed look, again, the pay off is insane so unless you want to have a patch of blush, I suggest using a cautious hand and apply lightly and build to your preferred amount. As for the last shade, this is from the top left hand corner of the palette. This particular shade is gorgeous mixed with the top right shade, it brings a little glow to the blush and pop to the look. I usually use these two mixed together if that day I’m not feeling using highlight, it works great to still give your face a little something, instead of being flat.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless 2 ‘Eye Shadow Palette’:

The final palette I could not resist purchasing was this one, the Ultra Flawless 2 Eye Shadow Palette. This palette comes with 32 matte and shimmer shades, all for just £8.00, I know ridiculous isn’t it, that works out at 25p an eye shadow, tell me anywhere else you can get that?! Whilst the palette is super super cheap it also gives so any options, a neutral eye, a shimmer eye, a smoky eye, a burnt look, the options are endless! Yes the pay off again as expected is great, the eye-shadows however are a little difficult to blend at times so you need to be careful when applying, if you go in with too much product, you are going to struggle to blend it out successfully!


My three most used shades so far have to be these three, the first the bottom left hand shade, a shimmer champagne pink colour. The pay off isn’t the best out of the palette but it is very build-able with very little fall out. Mix this with the shade above it in the palette and it is a beautiful mix for inner corner eye highlight or brow bone highlight! The next two I use as a pair, this has been my go to recently for a burnt look, they are in the right hand corner of the palette, second in. They both have great pay off with the shimmery dark red being very true to the colour in the pan, however, the matte orange is more of a brown colour when applied to the eye. It still works great as a transition colour with the other shade, working especially well on my brown eyes!

All in all, I have been thoroughly impressed with the three palettes I purchased from this brand and for the price, I cannot knock them at all!! Yes, you have to work with the products a bit more than other makeup brands, but the outcome is just as good in my opinion to other high end brands I have tried. If you are new to the makeup world and feel a little overwhelmed by the choice there is out there, this brand would be my recommendation as a brilliant place to start, great value for money and beautiful products, even the packaging is good.
So until my next post,
– Bobby

21 thoughts on “Revolution Makeup

  1. I looooove revolution palettes! They’re amazing for the price and the pigmentation is so good. Another really good highlighter is their Peach lights its so pretty on the cheekbones. Great post! I’m definitely going to grab the blush palette the next time i’m in town, that copper is to die for.


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      1. Well I would write a post on a topic that you approve and you tell me how long you would like it to be. You post it on your site. In exchange, I ask that you let me add a link to my website. How does that sound to you?

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